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Alan Wolf - Founder
Bright Carpet Workroom Ltd.


"Hit or Miss"
The Idea Behind Quality and Savings at Bright Carpet Workroom Ltd.

Wouldn’t you love the chance to purchase top of the line carpeting at half price? That’s the "Hit or Miss" philosophy behind Bright Carpet Workroom Ltd. The experience of our buying power will be your major savings.

Supplying Manhattan and surrounding areas since 1959, founder Alan Wolf has led a no-nonsense business that’s paid off with name clients throughout New York City and the metro area. Bright Carpet Workroom Ltd. has provided name brand carpets at deep discount prices by purchasing very expensive carpet in large quantities from major mills, such as Burlington, Lees, Masland, Bigelow, Mohawk and many others. These carpets are overruns, cancelled orders, color errors, slight variations, dropped styles and colors, and surplus carpet from major hotels and department stores. At regular prices, these carpets would sell from $25 to $40 per yard and upward. By purchasing through Bright Carpet, you are paying a fraction of the price; literally 60-75% less. The company also has regular priced carpeting available for order, with the "hit or miss" deals available immediately.

Alan will personally meet with you to let you peruse samples. You’ll see that by foregoing an exact color selection, your desire for quality and value will be answered in every way. Some of our clients have been happy to describe their experiences with us.

Don’t you think it’s worth it to call to find out more?